Once you have installed the GameGlass software on your gaming PC it's time to prepare your touchscreen device in order to connect and play.

Note: You must use an external device, any button-presses sent from the same PC you play your games on will be sent to that window just clicked/touched instead of your game.

The GameGlass app is available for the following platforms:


Alternately you can run the GameGlass touchscreen application from any external device with a supported OS and browser by navigating to the following URL: app.gameglass.gg

GameGlass is available as a PWA (Progressive Web App) so from any browser that supports the installation of a PWA on desktop or mobile you will see the option to "Install GameGlass" or "add to homescreen". This will allow functionality similar or identical to an appstore app. Please see your browser's documentation on how to install PWAs if you're not seeing this option readily.